How to Change Your TikTok Username [2023 Updated]

How to Change Your TikTok Username

Businesses both large and small utilize Tik Tok as part of their social strategies as it is the fastest-growing social media platform. It’s time to learn how to change your TikTok username if you’re ready to go from lurker to business. 

Can you Change your TikTok username?

There are a few conditions you must meet to be able to change your username on TikTok, but you are able to do it. The username you choose for TikTok will last for around one month since users cannot change it more than once every 30 days. 

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Change Your TikTok Username

In comparison with other social media platforms, changing your username is almost as easy. Changing Tik Tok usernames does not mean changing other social media usernames. It’s easy to change your TikTok username if you’re unhappy with your current one. You can do this by following these steps:

  • At the bottom-right of the screen, you’ll find the “Me” section of TikTok.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, you’ll find a button that lets you edit your profile.
  • You will see a field called “Username” when you open the “Edit Profile” menu. Your current username can be deleted by tapping on this field.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, tap “Done” and enter your desired new username.
  • That’s it! Your TikTok username has been changed! As soon as people search for your profile name on Tiktok, they will see your new username.

You can select a username from TikTok’s database every time you save. Choosing something else is an option if your desired username is not available. You’re good to go if it’s available!

After changing my TikTok name, what should I do?

  1. Announce your new name in a new video.
  2. Alter your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. name or username/handle. The new username should be shared with your followers.
  3. You should update any links you’ve used outside the app, such as social media accounts or websites, if you change your username (e.g.
  4. When you get married, divorced, or a court orders it, you need to change your legal name.
  5. You should also update your website, email signature, business cards, advertisements, and business cards, if you changed the name of your brand or business.

Our guide to changing your TikTok name we hope you found useful!

How to Keep an Old Username?

If you don’t like the new Tik Tok username, you can revert back to your old one by following these steps:

  • Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to access Tiktok’s app.
  • Scroll down and tap “Edit Profile.”
  • Put your old username in the “Username” field.
  • Right-click the screen and select “Save.”.

You will now be able to log in with your old username!


Question 1: Is the TikTok username changeable?

Answer: Every 30 days, you can change your username. A username cannot contain more than four characters, including letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. Usernames cannot contain periods.

Question 2: Do TikTok usernames expire?

Answer: A randomized numeric username may be assigned to an account if it has been inactive for 180 days or longer.

Question 3: What is the process for changing my name on TikTok before 30 days?

Answer: Change the date & time settings on your mobile phone to change your name before 30 days on TikTok. Turn off Set Automatic > Manually set the date 30 days in advance by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. TikTok will then trick you, and you’ll be able to change your username within 30 days.

Question 4: Do TikTok usernames have a maximum length?

Answer: TikTok usernames are limited in length. A maximum of 30 characters should be used. A period, an underscore, a letter, and a number are all included in this list. You should choose an easy-to-remember and easy-to-type username.

Final Verdict

Profile settings on TikTok let you change your name and username. You must use your phone to access them since they are only available in the app. Setting up new names isn’t difficult. It will take you 30 days to be able to set a new username again once you reset it. It’s for this reason that you should think carefully before making a decision.

I hope after reading our article which is about How to Change Your TikTok Username, your confusion cleared up. If you still have any questions, then you can ask in the comment section. Thank You!


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